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The future of business cards

Say goodbye to piles of paper cards and embrace a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of sharing your data!

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Simple creation of digital business cards

Whether you're an individual or a business, our business card and app offers you the key tools to boost your online presence. With regular updates, it ensures you maximize the potential of digital business cards.

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Discover the fastest way to share your professional information and services through our innovative digital business card; easily share your data with anyone, anywhere.

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  • Digital Business Cards


    Original price was: 39,99 €.Current price is: 29,99 €.
  • Digital Business Cards


    Original price was: 39,99 €.Current price is: 29,99 €.
  • Digital Business Cards


    Original price was: 39,99 €.Current price is: 29,99 €.

Simplicity. Eco. Adaptability.


One touch with your smartphone is all it takes to transfer your data.

Eco Business Card

Say goodbye to the cost of traditional printed cards and say hello to a more eco-friendly and convenient option.


Data editing through our application, so that your contacts always have the most up-to-date data.

Creating an online profile has never been easier!

Our application provides an intuitive and efficient process of creating your professional profiles, enriched with a series of functionalities designed to improve your business connection.

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Sustainability and professionalism

With increasing environmental concerns, businesses are constantly looking for ways to adopt greener practices. Digital business cards stand at the crossroads of environmental friendliness and professional interaction. By choosing our digital solution, you are not only opting for a tool that emphasizes your modern professional image, but also making a statement about your environmental sustainability. Each digital exchange means one less paper card in circulation, contributing to less waste and a cleaner planet.

Modern technology

In a time when smartphones are an extension of ourselves, digital business cards integrate effortlessly into the current technology ecosystem. The convenience of sharing your data with just one touch with NFC technology or via QR code cannot be emphasized enough. Furthermore, with the ability to instantly update information, you ensure that your contacts always have your latest details, whether it's a new phone number, workplace or web link. Order your digital business cards today!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Most modern smartphones support NFC technology, which allows users to download your contact information just by touching the phone. If the device does not support NFC, it is often possible to use QR codes or other methods to download the information.

Yes, digital business cards are fully customizable. You can include your logo, choose colors, fonts and other graphic elements to customize the business card to your brand.

Simply log into your online account and update the desired information. Changes will be automatically reflected on your digital business card, so there is no need to reprint or order new cards.

Since the link is to an online profile, there is virtually no limit to the amount of information you can add. In addition to basic contact information, you can add links to social media, portfolio, videos, and many other resources.

No, you have to create a new card that will be linked to the new profile.

Digital business cards use passive NFC technology, which means they don't need a battery and will last for years!

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