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Best email marketing apps?

With tons of apps available, choosing the one that perfectly suits your business needs and marketing aspirations can be daunting. This guide has been carefully crafted to highlight the five best email marketing apps in 2023, each with different features designed to boost your marketing efforts and foster deeper connections with your audience. Whether you're a male business owner, an entrepreneur, or an up-and-coming marketer, these tools offer something of value for everyone. Let's dive into the specifics of each of them to simplify your decision-making process.

1. Mailchimp: the king of email marketing

  • Review: Mailchimp is a popular choice among both beginners and experienced marketers, known for its ease of use and comprehensive features.
  • Prices: It offers a free plan for beginners, while the Essentials plan starts at $9.99 per month.
  • Key features: With Mailchimp, users enjoy a user-friendly interface, automation options, a huge library of templates, and in-depth analytics.
  • Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective yet robust solution.

2. Constant Contact: best for small businesses

  • Review: Constant Contact offers a simple platform with impressive customer support.
  • Prices: Plans start at $20 per month.
  • Key features: It boasts a drag-and-drop editor, eCommerce integration, and powerful listing management tools.
  • Best for: Companies in the e-commerce sector will especially benefit due to its seamless integration capabilities.

3. Sendinblue: great for automation

  • Review: If automation is your priority, Sendinblue offers advanced options without a steep learning curve.
  • Prices: their free plan allows for 300 sends per day, and paid plans start at $25 per month.
  • Key features: With a focus on automation, it also provides SMS marketing services, making it a versatile tool.
  • Best for: marketers who want to use SMS and e-mail marketing in a single platform.

4. GetResponse: e-commerce specialist

  • Review: GetResponse is not just an email marketing tool; it is a comprehensive solution for e-commerce companies.
  • Prices: Basic plans start at $15 per month.
  • Key features: In addition to the standard email marketing features, it offers webinar hosting, landing pages and a CRM.
  • Best for: Ideal for businesses that need more than just email marketing solutions.

5. A Weber: best for entrepreneurs and small teams

  • Review: AWeber is known for its superior customer service and simplicity.
  • Prices: there's a free plan for up to 500 subscribers, and the Pro plan starts at $16.15 per month.
  • Key features: It provides tons of integrations, fantastic customer support and a library of templates.
  • Best for: Small teams and entrepreneurs will find AWeber a suitable choice due to its simplicity and support.


Choosing the right email marketing application depends on your specific business needs, size, and marketing goals. Each of the above platforms offers unique features that cater to different requirements. Take advantage of the free trials these apps provide to get a feel for their interfaces and functionality. For a deeper understanding and recommendation adapted to your business, contact us on Version2. Our expert team is here to guide you through the intricate landscape of email marketing tools and help you tap into their full potential for unparalleled business growth.

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