Professional Package

Creating a professional website.
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Professional Package, what does it offer?

  • Advice on site options, site design, and choosing a domain for the site
  • "One-page" page or front page with up to 10 sub-pages (contact, about us, references, gallery, services...) - you can see an example here
  • Responsive design (adaptation to all devices)
  • Animations on the front page
  • Multilingual site (translation using advanced AI technology)
  • Page navigation (menu for navigating through the page)
  • Copywriting, content editing, graphic design
  • The possibility of inserting: contact forms, google maps, reservations, PDF forms, 360 virtual walks, store locations, etc. (additional programs available on request)
  • Integration of advanced booking on the site
  • Additional SEO optimization (for easier search of your future site)
  • CMS application (possibility of managing the page)
  • Connecting Google Analytics to your site
  • Advanced page speed optimization (simpler code, cutting scripts, compressing content...)
  • Implementation of the blog section (possibility of writing blogs through the site)
  • Writing privacy policy and terms of use
  • 10 business email addresses (info@vašadomena.com and similar)
  • Connecting to social networks
  • Daily backup of the site
  • SSL certificate
  • Up to three revisions after page completion

What do we need from you?


How long will it take to create a website?
What will be the price of creating a website?

    • After we make the final preparations, the creation of the website will take maximum time 40 days (approx. 20 days)
    • You will be informed daily about the site creation process
    • Price the cost of creating such a page may vary, and you can request a detailed offer by clicking on button under

Our projects from the Professional Package

Web design

Our web design services are carefully crafted to reflect the unique identity and goals of each client we work with. Having successfully completed more than 100 projects, our results speak for themselves. But what really sets us apart is our ability to combine aesthetics and functionality. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we ensure that every website we design is not only visually appealing, but also easy to use and in line with the latest trends. Every business has its own story, challenges and goals. In our consultations, we go deep into these narratives, understanding what our clients want to convey to their audience. This comprehensive approach to web design guarantees a platform that not only looks good, but feels relevant to the audience. After all, a website is more than just a digital space; it is a virtual storefront and often the first point of contact for potential customers.

Online web shop

As online stores (e-commerce or webshop) continue to reshape the way we buy and sell, an optimized online store has become a necessity for businesses, large and small. Our expertise in creating a web store is focused on designing spaces that are more than just selling products or services. Using the capabilities of WooCommerce, we create online stores that offer intuitive navigation, secure payment gateways, and an overall seamless shopping experience. Every element, from the product display to the checkout process, is fine-tuned to ensure your customers have a hassle-free shopping experience. This not only increases sales, but builds trust among your customer base.

Maintenance and updating of the website

Maintaining and updating your website is not just a task; it is essential to provide a consistent and secure user experience. Think of your site as a piece of machinery; without routine adjustments and attention, it can break down. Neglecting it can lead to vulnerabilities, making your website vulnerable to security attacks and slow performance. By regularly maintaining your site, you protect it from threats and keep it in line with the latest technological updates. The monthly maintenance fee is not a cost; it's a strategic move that pays off very quickly. This commitment ensures that your website is always fast, secure and error-free. Moreover, updates are not just about adding content; they strengthen key components of your website. Such regular attention is a sign of professionalism, ensuring that your site always provides an exceptional experience for every visitor.

Website re-design

The digital world is constantly evolving. What was once a top-notch website can easily become outdated, not only visually, but also technologically. This is why Version2 offers website re-design services. We understand that a website is an ongoing investment as it requires maintenance and periodic revisions to remain competitive and relevant. Whether it's adapting to new design trends, improving user interfaces or integrating modern functionalities, we handle every aspect carefully. The end result? A rejuvenated website that looks professional, easy to use and very fast!

Mobile application

In an increasingly mobile world, companies need to be where their customers are. We also offer custom mobile app development services that extend your digital platform. Whether it's turning your website into a dynamic mobile app or creating a new simple app from scratch, Version2 can do it all. From basic functions like reservations to advanced features like integrated e-commerce platforms, our mobile apps are focused on increasing user engagement and driving business growth.

Website speed

Speed is of the essence in the online world. A website that lags just a few seconds can quickly turn potential customers away, affecting both traffic and conversions. Recognizing this, we offer specialized speed optimization services. With our professional team that uses advanced optimization techniques and our strategic partnership with Cloudflare company, we provide websites that are lightning fast. Faster load times not only increase user satisfaction, but also positively contribute to search engine rankings.

Web hosting services

A website, regardless of its design or functionality, is only as good as its hosting provider. Version2 in collaboration with Hostinger company, offers premium hosting solutions that promise 100% of continuous operation and unparalleled speed. Our commitment is to provide a premium and secure service for your websites, ensuring smooth user experiences, 24-hour availability and efficient customer support.

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