ZYX Bowling

Creating a website

When is it ZYX Bowling just opened its doors, they envisioned a space where users can easily access information and make reservations. We brought that vision to life with an easy-to-use website complete with online booking capabilities. Since its launch, the website has experienced increase in traffic, becoming the primary touch point for customers and playing a key role in the success of ZYX Bowling.

Management of social networks

ZYX Bowling's vibrant presence at Instagram and Facebook is proof of our focused strategy. Our goal was simple: to promote the bowling alley and create interest, and the results speak for themselves. With a rapidly growing follower base and high engagement rates, ZYX Bowling has become a social media sensation. From regular updates to special promotions, we've made sure the brand's voice resonates with its audience, making it a favorite entertainment destination!

Video and photo production

Every corner of ZYX Bowling tells a story – from the excitement of bowling to lively concert nights. Our mission was to capture those moments in the highest quality, creating content that truly reflects the essence of ZYX Bowling. Whether it's their website or social media, ours photo and video productions consistently showcase the diverse offerings of ZYX Bowling, from bowling and arcade entertainment to delicious food and a sophisticated cigar bar. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about making memories.

Picture gallery
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