How to photograph apartments: Tips for attractive photos

Photographing an apartment may seem like a simple task, but there are many details that we need to pay attention to in order to create attractive and effective photos. Our pictures should highlight the space, light and atmosphere of the building itself, in order to convey the feeling of comfort and hospitality to potential guests. With good preparation and the right approach, we can achieve that our apartments look even more beautiful in photos than in reality.

A bright, spacious apartment with modern furniture and large windows overlooking a scenic view

First, it's important that we make sure the apartment is clean and tidy before we start taking photos. We need to pay attention to details such as the arrangement of furniture and decorations that can add warmth to the space. In addition, proper lighting is essential for good photos, so we need to think about the best time to shoot when the natural light is optimal.

When everything is ready to shoot, we need to focus on composing the image. By engaging our creativity, we can choose the right angles that will show the apartment in the best possible way. With proper use of technique and attention to composition, our photos can look professional and attract more guests.

Equipment and settings

A well-lit apartment with modern furniture and decor, set up for a professional photoshoot

When photographing apartments, it is crucial to choose the right equipment and set it up so that your images are attractive and realistic. We guide you through the basic aspects: choice of camera, lighting and composition of the shot.

Choice of camera

You'll need a reliable camera that can take sharp, bright photos. We prefer DSLR or mirrorless cameras because of their flexibility and the ability to change lenses.

  • Resolution: Minimum 12 megapixels
  • Objectives: Wide-angle lens for larger rooms (e.g. 16–24mm)


Good lighting is essential for highlighting space and details.

  • Natural light: Use daylight, take photos on a sunny day.
  • Artificial lighting: Supplement with lamps if necessary to avoid shadows.

Frame composition

We make sure that our photos have a balanced composition that leads the eye through the room.

  • Rule of thirds: Split the imaginary line frame for better balance
  • Perspective: Take photos from the corner of the room for a sense of depth

Recording techniques

A camera positioned to capture an apartment interior, with natural light streaming in through the windows, showcasing the space and decor

When we photograph apartments, we aim to capture their atmosphere and show potential guests what they can expect. We focus on the interior, exterior scenes, as well as the details that make the space unique.

Apartment interior

To begin with, it is important to provide enough natural light. Open the shades and use additional lighting to avoid shadows. Shoot from an angle that shows the room in the best light, but also functionally. Here is an example of how to set up the camera:

  • The widest possible angle (wide-angle lens) to display the entire space
  • Camera height around chest level for a more natural view
  • Balance between furniture and space without crowding the frame

Photos should be sharp and clear so that potential guests can easily imagine staying in your apartment.

Exterior shots

When shooting outdoor scenes, we look for the best time of day. The golden hour, the period after sunrise and before sunset, is the ideal time to shoot because it provides warm light and soft shadows. We photograph the facade and other significant exterior elements of the apartment, adhering to these guidelines:

  • We avoid backlight so that the facade is not darkened
  • We include greenery and surroundings in the frame
  • We make sure that the lines are straight and that there is no distortion of the image

In this way, exterior shots will be attractive and truly reflect the ambiance that the apartment offers.

Details and decor

For details and decor, we choose elements that highlight the character and style of the apartment. These can be works of art, original details or handicrafts. Here are some points:

  • Macro shooting to display textures and materials
  • Accentuation of colors and shapes using accessories
  • Harmony and simplicity in composition

Details give depth and context to the entire presentation of the apartment and contribute to the impression we create on potential guests.

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