The process of creating a website

A website is not just an online presence; it is a strong representation of the brand identity. IN Version2 agency, we believe in creating websites that resonate with your audience and meet defined business goals. Below you can read our description of the process creating a website.

1. Comprehensive consultation with the client

Our process begins with an intensive understanding of your vision. Through interactive consultations we strive to understand your requirements, target audience, brand description and any specific features you envision. This foundational stage is crucial to creating a website tailored to your needs.

2. Strategic design and visualization

With a clear understanding, we move on to the design phase. This is not just about aesthetics, but about creating a good user experience. Drawing on the latest design trends, we focus on making the website intuitive, attractive and reflective of your brand. Through web design we lay out visual designs, considering every element from color schemes to typography.

3. Constructive development

Once the design is approved, the intricate development process begins. This involves breathing life into a static design, turning it into a functional website. Our skilled developers use cutting-edge technologies to ensure smooth navigation, mobile responsiveness and efficient page load times. Every feature, be it the contact form, e-commerce integration or multimedia gallery, has been implemented with precision.

4. Quality assurance and testing

Before your website sees the digital light of day, it undergoes a strict quality assessment. We test each component, ensuring its performance on different devices and browsers. All defects, no matter how minor, are corrected. This step ensures that users will experience perfection when they land on your site.

5. Implementation and launch

When everything is ready, comes the exciting moment of launching your site. However, our role does not end here. If you choose a site maintenance package (which we definitely recommend), we monitor the website's performance after launch, ensuring it's reaching its target audience and functioning flawlessly.

6. Ongoing support and updates

The online world is constantly evolving, and websites must adapt to stay relevant. As part of our commitment, Version2 provides an ongoing support package. Whether it's updating content, rolling out new features, or regular maintenance, we're right by your side, ensuring your site stays in tip-top shape.


Building a strong online presence goes beyond just having a website; it's about a website that works for you and your audience. Version2 is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner on this digital journey. If you want to take a deeper look into our processes or discuss your web requirements, our free consultation is waiting for you. Let's shape your digital future together.

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