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What are keywords? What are they for?

In digital marketing, keywords they have a significant impact, acting as a bridge that connects your content with your audience, but what exactly are keywords and why are they crucial for SEO? Let's dive into the basics and understand their key role in improving online visibility.

What are keywords?

Keywords are terms or phrases that potential customers type into search engines when looking for products, services or information. They are the essence of what your content is about, serving as the fundamental building blocks of SEO. Keywords help search engines understand the purpose and relevance of your content, ultimately deciding where your website will rank on search results pages.

Short / Long keywords

  • Short keywords: They are very general and consist of only one or two words, such as "shoes" or "watches". While they generate a high volume of searches, they are also highly competitive and can be obscure.
  • Long keywords: More specific phrases or questions, often three words or longer, fall into this category. For example, “women's leather ankle boots” is a long-tail keyword. Although they attract fewer searches, they boast higher conversion rates due to their specificity.

Why are keywords important in SEO?

Keywords are indispensable for SEO because they lead users to your content. When the content of your website is aligned with the searched keywords, it is more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results, thus attracting more visitors and potential customers.

Strategic use of keywords

Implementing keywords strategically improves content visibility. Here are general practices for beginners:

  • Keyword research: Use tools like Google's Keyword Planner to identify relevant, high-ranking keywords.
  • Content integration: Include keywords naturally in your content, including headers, titles, and body text.
  • Avoid overloading with keywords: Excessive use of keywords can lead to penalties from search engines. Keep your balance.


Keywords are invaluable tools in SEO and content marketing tools. By understanding and using keywords effectively, you pave the way for greater visibility and success in the digital space.

For those involved in SEO, keywords are the starting line. Are you ready to learn more about mastering SEO practices? Check out our comprehensive guide here.

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