What is a digital business card?

Traditional business interactions, once defined by the exchange of paper cards, are undergoing a transformation. Meet digital business cards, a concept poised to change the very essence of networking. But what makes them special and how are they reshaping the way we connect? Let's explore.

What are digital business cards?

A digital business card, often called an e-card or e-business card, offers a virtual way to share contact information. Far from the limitations of paper, this card is stored electronically and can be shared via e-mail, QR codes and especially, NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. It includes typical card information – name, contact number, email, website – but also integrates interactive elements such as social media profiles, portfolios or promotional videos.

NFC and digital business cards

NFC technology is the miracle behind the e-card. It enables communication between two devices that are nearby. Using an NFC-enabled digital business card, a simple tap on a smartphone can instantly display a website, personal profile or any other desired digital content. It simplifies the sharing process, making manual data entry a thing of the past.

Endless possibilities with customization and design

Traditional business cards have inherent design limitations. In contrast, digital business cards offer a canvas for imagination. They can contain animated graphics, different fonts and interactive elements. Moreover, they are committed to preserving the planet by reducing paper consumption. For those who appreciate the tactile experience, companies like Version2 provide NFC-equipped variants of PVC cards, effectively combining the best of both worlds.

Tempting reasons to switch

Choosing a digital business card isn't just about embracing a new tool; it's about practicality. They have proven cost-effective over time, eliminating the need for constant reprinting. They are environmentally friendly because they reduce paper waste. Updates to your information do not require reprinting, ensuring contacts always have access to your most recent information. Integrated interactive elements provide a more complete understanding of your professional offerings at a glance.


A digital business card is not just an upgrade; it is a significant evolution in networking. Offering instant sharing, versatile customization and a range of environmental and economic benefits, it is shaping the future of professional connections. If you are interested in integrating this tool or need additional information, Version2 is your best source. For deeper insights or inquiries, feel free schedule a free consultation.

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