How to prepare for real estate photography?

Preparing a property for photography is a key step in presenting your space to potential buyers or tenants. Considering that photos are the first impression of your property on online platforms, it is essential that it looks flawless. At the same time, well-thought-out preparation can significantly shorten the time required for the photography process itself.

We ensure that every room looks fresh and attractive, highlighting its best features. This includes cleaning, decorating and reorganizing the space to create an optimal visual presentation. Our goal is to create images that will attract guests and increase bookings, and photos that achieve this can be seen on the property photography page.

There is an additional focus on details that can affect the attractiveness of the property online. This entails ensuring a sufficient amount of natural light and making sure that all lamps are functional. We arrange supporting elements such as pillows, curtains and art, so that every corner looks like something from a magazine. Our experience shows that this approach leads to outstanding results and better visibility of the property on platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.

Planning a photo shoot

When planning real estate photography, it's important to carefully choose the equipment, arrange the space and come up with a lighting plan so that the photos shine in the best light.

Selection of equipment

To begin with, we must choose the right equipment. We will need:

  • High resolution camera: to capture all the details.
  • Wide angle lens: for shots of the entire space.
  • tripod: for stability and avoiding blurry photos.
  • Additional memory cards: to save all photos.
  • Batteries or charger: to keep the camera ready during the entire photo shoot.

Interior design

The next step is to prepare the space to be photographed:

  1. De-cluttering: Ensure all surfaces are clean and tidy.
  2. Decoration: Place fresh flowers or artwork to make the space look inviting.
  3. Furniture: Arrange the furniture so that the room looks spacious.
  4. Personal items: Put away all personal items so that potential buyers can imagine the space as their own.

Light plan

The last, but no less important step is planning the light:

  • Natural light: Use the daylight by opening the curtains and raising the blinds.
  • Artificial light: Use additional lights to eliminate shadows and illuminate every corner.
  • Time of day: Plan to take photos when the lighting is most favorable, usually in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Post production

A room with bright natural light, a neatly staged living area with minimal clutter, and a clean, unobstructed view of the entire space

After the successful photography of the real estate, post-production begins, which is crucial for completing our visual presentation. The process includes detailed photo processing and selection of the best shots for the final presentation.

Photo processing

To begin with, we carefully process each photo. We use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to ensure that the light, contrasts and colors reflect the true beauty of the space. Here is what we pay special attention to during processing:

  • Light and exposure: Let's adjust the brightness and darkness to get clear details.
  • Colors: We harmonize the colors so that they are displayed as faithfully as possible.
  • Retouching: We remove unwanted elements that distract attention from the property.

A selection of photos

After processing, we select the best shots that most accurately present the property. We give priority to photos that:

  1. They show the space in the best light.
  2. They have a clear composition.
  3. They show the property from different angles for a better impression of the space.

Each selected photo goes through a final quality control before we present it to our clients.

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