Monster Kebab

Management of social networks and Google optimization

When we first met Monster Kebab, were a local sensation in Zadar, known for their "Frighteningly good kebabs", but surprisingly, their digital footprint was almost non-existent. Recognizing the huge potential, we presented them with ours services and tips on how to increase your online presence. The partnership is forged, and the results are visible almost immediately. From gathering a broad base companion on social media platforms to enhancing the visual appeal with premium photos and videos, Monster Kebab's online recognition has grown. In addition, our detailed optimization Google Maps has ensured that they become the go-to kebab spot for locals and tourists browsing online. You can see a gallery of images here.

Running paid ads

In order to further strengthen the visibility of Monster Kebab online, we launched a focused PPC advertising campaign. Realizing that their primary goal was to strengthen their brand and improve their online footprint, we devised a strategy for maximum reach. Using high-quality images and videos of their kebabs and other products, we tailored ads designed to resonate with their ideal audience. Intention? Make sure that Monster Kebab not only to remain a favorite place in Zadar, but to become a synonym in the wider online area.

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"Our social networks have grown since working with Version2 agency!"
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